Studio Sharp - Professional studio tool sharpening

We professionally sharpen different tools:

  • knives: for hunting, Japanese, ceramic, damask, restaurants, etc.
  • blades for clippers
  • manicure tools
  • knives from lawn mowers
  • chainsaw chains
  • hairdressing tools
  • by mincing knives

Sharpening knives

We make knives so sharp that they can shave. This is achieved by special processing technology of cutting edge. Clients often bring us expensive hunting knives, damask knives, Japanese knives. And each metal knife become so sharp that easily can shave off your hair. If a shear has been formed on your metal or ceramic knife, do not despair. We`ll remove it. It happens that the knives were sharpened improperly somewhere and cutting edge has burnt, acquired an ugly view or was corrupted. This occurs, for example, when the knives are sharpened on coarse abrasives, not intended for high-quality sharpening expensive knives. We, of course, will restore the cutting edge and will make your knife sharp. We do not overtemper the knives. We have sharpened hundreds or even thousands of knives and none of them has burnt due to the use of expensive, high-quality and intended for a such sharpening materials and equipment.

Sharpening blades for hair trimmers

419 We sharpen blades for hair trimmers on the specialized equipment. On the same equipment, these blades are made. The inner surface of the two blades can not be created or sharpened by hand on any stones without special equipment. Blades have a strict form, directions of scratches. This form is not as flat as it may seem, but concave with a certain radius of curvature. It is necessary that the blade teeth touch each other. Also, for high-quality sharpening it is necessary to have knowledge of how the blade unit works. We straighten all the elements of the blade unit, as they too are deteriorating during operation or due to improper handling with the blade unit.

Sharpening manicure tools

When manicure nippers become dull they begin not to cut cuticle but to tear it. For any manicurist it is vital to have sharp-edged tool because without it, he will not do his job. Unfortunately, you can not buy in the shops well sharpened nail clippers. If the seller tells you that this is manual sharpening, it maybe perhaps the manual sharpening, but the "wholesale". Although in most cases, sellers and lay people do not distinguish between manual sharpening and the factory one. Wholesale sharpening has been made by wholesalers of manicure tools at the price of 16-40 rubles, to give the appearance to the nippers. With such a sharpening nippers have not just cutting heel, but often the beak does not cut, but tears. It is clear that for this price you can not make a quality sharpening. When sharpening manicure nippers we adjust the tool run, sharpen the cutting planes, attach to the nippers a comfortable for working shape, sharp beak, thin lips. As a result of sharpening tweezers should cut when lightly pressed as soon as lips touching. The entire blade has to cut rather than just the beak or heel. When sharpening we remove minimum of metal and at you can sharpen it again for many times.

Sharpening knives from lawn mowers

Over time, the knife for lawn mower becomes dull and should be sharpened. If your knife had bumped into the stones, then they indented the metal and the mower can start to cut grass badly. Due to the fact that the knives bumped into the stones also unbalancing of the knife may occur. We sharpen knives from lawn mowers and balance them, that they may serve as new ones.

Sharpening chains for chainsaws

Chains from chainsaws may become dull over time, due to the fact that a chainsaw bumped into nails or to the ground. Sharpening the chain is much more profitable than buying a new one. We sharpen chains on special machines intended for sharpening chainsaw chains. So that your chain will become like new one.

Sharpening hairdressing tools

As a result of work hairdressing scissors become dull and the tip begin to bite or, if you work in a different way, the blade itself do so. Then they have to be sharpened. After we sharpen them the scissors no longer bite and cut like new ones. Straight hairdressing scissors when you bought them did slicing or beveled cut. We not only make the scissors sharp, but sharpen all straight scissors in such way as they were originally - for slicing. That is, they will not differ from new scissors. We also sharpen thinning scissors.

Sharpening knives for meat mincers

As a result of work after intrusion of bones to the mincer knife and grid may become dull. Sharpening knives and grids of meat mincers is much more profitable than buying new ones. We sharpen the knives for meat mincers on a special machine, not by hand, thus providing the highest quality sharpening. We sharpen industrial and domestic mincers of all sizes!

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!