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Sharpening blades for lawn mowers

Sharpening of blades for lawn mowers is much cheaper than buying the new ones. Besides, why should you throw away a good tool if it can be sharpened and it will work as well as the new one?

What is the right way to sharpen the lawn mower blade?

Lawn mower blade chops the grass rather than cuts. To chop it properly rather than pull it must be sharp. Sharpening Sharpening of blades for lawn mowers is not an easy task. You must correctly remove all the chips on the cutting surface, keeping the sharpening angle, make the cutting edge sharp, grind the notches and grooves, polished cutting edge, remove burrs. It is necessary to remove the same amount of metal on both blades, otherwise the knife will "go loose" rather than go around. If no adjustment is made and the blade is not balanced, it may lead to imbalance and complicate mowing or damage the device. Only the fulfillment of all these conditions will provide good quality sharpening.

Contact us. We use special equipment, materials and provide warranty for sharpening.

We sharpen the tool before you. You can also call the courier.

Before sharpening

After sharpening

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!