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Sharpening of rotating saws

We do sharpening of rotating saws. You do not need to buy a new blade for the saw if the old one goes blunt. After sharpening the saw will run no worse than the new one, but sharpening is much cheaper than a new blade.

We sharpen rotating saws on the diamond circles, as the saw teeth are made of a very hard metal. Thus, the minimum amount of metal is removed, so that the tool can be sharpened many times.

Price for rotating saw sharpening does not change depending on the diameter and number of teeth. This can be very beneficial, since you do not need to count the teeth, if you want to sharpen the blade. You can be sure that neither the price nor the quality will be changed depending on the diameter of the blade.

Rotating saws are also known as circular saws. Blunt circular saw is impossible to operate, there are chips on the processed material, etc. Sharpening of the rotating saw is done on the special equipment with setting precise angles. This ensures that your saw will cut as the new one after sharpening.

Sharpening of rotating saws requires precision

Sharpening of rotating saws is done on special machines for sharpening circular saws. This ensures a perfect result and accuracy of sharpening.

Our specialists are the masters of their trade, because each saw required its own approach. Circular saws are available with and without tungsten-carbide inserts, with a variable angle and straight sharpening, for wood and plastic etc. All this must be taken into account in the correct sharpening of the rotating saw.

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Your rotating saw will work as the new one after our sharpening!

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